This is one of the biggest tips on being “frugal” and saving money. Sure, it takes some time to do, but it’s well worth it. Not only do you have a meal plan for the week, so there is no guessing or last minute run to a restaurant, you also know excatly what you need to buy at the store. This is huge for someone like me who just buys on a whem. I use to “meal plan” IN the store as I shopped. Of course, I always forgot something. I bought more than what I needed, or we would use. Not only was a wasting money, I was creating so much waste in foods that where being thrown out.

Creating a meal plan is pretty simple, a few things I like to keep in mind, are whats on sale at my favorite stores that week…(you can look up adds online) I like to think of at least two meals that can be next day lunches, so that my husband isn’t taking just boring sandwiches all the time. (this changes it for him, saves money, and is a win all the way around)

Here is an example of my meal plan and the grocerey list that would match it…

   MEAL PLAN:   

Monday:  Chicken Salads

Tuesday:  Tacos

Wednesday: Chicken /& Sides

Thursday:  Ham w/ sides

Friday:  Ham w/ sides

(I always leave these open, because we like to take one night to have leftovers, of the week/ and one night we eat out as a family.)

When I make my list for the store, I look at the meal plan, for example:
Monday, I have salads. I know I need;
-Roman lettce : ( I use it all to make dinner, and Tupperware                                                                                            for lunches next day too)
 -Spinach :  (the spinach will get used in tacos the next                                                                                       night as well so, thats a double win, and                                                                                           savings.
-Cheese : (this also will get used for tacos Tuesday)
– Tomatoes : (I buy cherry, so I cut them for salads, and send
as snacks for lunches)
– Eggs : (now I also have eggs for breakfast a couple
mornings of the week.)
-Chicken : ( not only for salads, but for Wednesday meal                                                                                     too)

It of course takes time, but if you really think out your plan, you will be so suprised at the savings you’ll find. Thursday and Friday on my meal plan, I have a ham. This will be two dinner protien, so all I need are sides for this, as well as it will double as lunch meat the last two days of the week.

There are many ways to make savings, with working with a budget. Thinking out your plan and being prepared for your trip to the grocery store are probably the highest on that list for me.

I hope this helps, and if you already do this, I would love to hear your plan. If you’re going to give this a try, let me know how it goes. I love hearing how it works for your family, and I love learning new tips, I haven’t thought of.


With love and coffee,
Becca Ann



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