If your kids are anything like mine…

That “Mom, can I have a snack?” question I hear at least 20 times a day…and now that it’s summer time, it’s at least doubled. So I came up with a list of snack ideas for kids that won’t break the bank this summer.

-Home made Brownies.
A box of brownies that usually has bout 5 in it, is around 3 bucks. However, you can buy  a whole box of brownie mix for that same price, and make at least double…usually more. For us it works better for multiple reasons, as it’s cost effective, and I can make Annies Organic brownies, and not feed them junk. They’re so good too!
(If you have smaller kids, this can double as a fun activity to bake together too!)

-Watermelon…or any whole fruit.
Buying a whole water melon and cutting it up is much more cost effective, and lasts longer than pre-cut fruit. I mean, is it even summer if you’re not having fresh watermelon on a hot afternoon?
This same idea can be done with a lot of  fruits; pineapples, cantaloupe, etc.

-Bagged Chips.
Buying large bags of chips, (or popcorn) and bagging them yourself, is super cost effective, as well as easily control the portions they eat. I do this with chips, bunnies, and popcorn.

-Homemade Cookies.
Same basic idea as the brownies, cost effective and can really be a fun activity for your kids as well….Double win!

-Freeze Grapes.
If you have never done this, it’s pretty awesome! It’s a great frugal hack, it keeps the grapes good longer, and is perfect for those hot summer days.(Cotton candy grapes are a personal favorite for this!)

-No-sugar, fresh fruit, popsicles.
These are great for getting a good dose of fruits and veggies in your kids on those hot days, check out Pinterest for different recipe ideas!

Before our kids “can I have a snack ” us to death, I like to be prepared. I hope these are helpful to your family as well.

If you have more frugal snack Ideas, I would love to hear them!!

Happy summertime, with love and coffee,
Becca Ann




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