It was supposed to be a nice dinner out, but we made a huge mistake….

We took our toddlers.

Our oldest was at his grand-parents for a few days. We “thought” it would be a good idea to take our small two out to dinner… We got everyone dressed, and hair brushed, did all the things it takes to go out in public with small kids…

When we got to Olive Garden, they placed us in a booth….. and so it began.

If you have been following me for a while you are well aware my two toddlers are a handful, and if you’re new around here…  Just pray for me.

The kids, where already in those “moods” but see we thought, “well, once they start getting food in them, it’ll get better”

We where wrong…so wrong.

(Separate trip to Sonny’s that ended just as bad, we just don’t learn…)

My daughter would not sit still, as she has learned that standing in the booster they give her is a lot of fun, you can reach up high, and even see what the people behind you are eating… She at one point asked for my sunglasses, at a moment of weakness to make it stop, I let her play with them…. for all of two minuntes, before she had them in pieces, and now crying….because they’re broken.

My son, decided that the color of crayons he got where not good enough, he needed his sisters colors…and there was no changing his mind…

We ordered food, and the chaos contuined. I have now apologized to at least 6 people for being “those people, & that family.” Dinner …after what I know was only a little while, but some how felt like years…, arrived.
Of course, it’s now not the food they wanted…. time had gone by, and they have now changed their minds. While we are crying about our food, and  crying because their mean mom wont let them color on the walls, my daughter, gets so worked up, that she throws up….and not just anywhere…. but ON ME. So, We get her cleaned up, another booster, say our “sorry” to the waitstaff…again…

At this point, mind you I think we have taken about 3 bites of food, all my husband and I can do, is look at each other and laugh. I slid my plate forward, asked for a box…and a glass of wine. Because, really what else where we going to do…

(The point I gave up, and ordered wine.)

I had my wine, and we left. Then later that evening my husband, and I finished our dinner in bed, with some netflix, and it was somehow all okay.

Having toddlers is a lot. Taking two toddlers, out in public, if the stars are not lined just perfect is dangerous. At the end of the day though, these are the memories that we will look back, and laugh about when we get older and our kids are older…

For now though….I will just cook at home more.


With love and coffee,
Becca A


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