I can think of at least 10 country songs, about “small towns” off the top of my head…
While I can honestly say, that most of it is true, there is also another side often not talked about…

Growing up, I hated my small town, I couldn’t wait to get out…and that’s exactly what I did. The day I turned eighteen, I had my little pathfinder loaded down, with all my things, kissed my momma goodbye, and I moved to Orlando.

Turns out, that “they always come back” statement was true.. I in-fact did return. However, I never felt like it was my home, I didn’t feel like I “belonged ” there…

I had a child, and later met my husband, and we had another child, and yet again, I still felt off. I can’t quite explain it. Then when my mom passed, I couldn’t even look at the town the same anymore.

I packed my things, my family and pulled out….. that was almost 5 years ago.

Now, that I am older, time has passed, and I have a family of my own. I look back at that small town, and I realize something’s I missed before…

There is something to be said about knowing all your neighbors. There is something good in having those childhood friends you grow up with, the ones who you raise your families together with. Having friends, that are more like family. It’s not a bad thing to know that if your car broke down on the side of the road, there would be at least five people you know, stopping to make sure you where okay! It’s good to know you have family close by.

There is a lot to be said about a small town.

Growing up, I was convinced that it was a bubble of people going no where, and where stuck. 

What I didn’t see… was that people where going somewhere, just in that small town atmosphere. Honestly, most of the people I called friends, from my hometown, have done well for themselves, they have careers, business, houses, families, and are truly happy.

Sure, they’re not-so-great things about a small town too.. I mean, everyone thinks they know everything about you at all times…(that I don’t miss) and they’re those that can’t, or didn’t, find joy and happiness in the town, and turned to drugs..
But, lets be fair, that’s everywhere. The difference is in a small town you know that face.

photo 4             photo 3

I guess, what point I’m really trying to say, is that small town life, I thought was so bad growing up…

I almost miss.

The simple-ness of it, compared to the “city” life. While I love Orlando, and have built my life here now, my little hometown will always hold a small piece of my heart, it will always be my “home.”

Like most, it took me growing up a little and looking at what life SHOULD be all about…

photo 7

-To my “small town”….
Pulling in I use to say “man I hate this place” recently, I pulled in and realized that I wouldn’t be who I was without that town.

-To my “small town” friends…
I see you, I see your families, and what you have done, and I am so happy for you!

photo 1  photo 6

Like everything in life, remember to take a step back and look what you DO have, not what you DON’T….

With love and coffee,
A small town girl at heart,
Becca Ann



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  1. Like you, left our small town when I was 20 & haven’t been back except to visit. It doesn’t feel like home anymore & I could never imagine living there again, but it is home, in its own way. Miss you tons!


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