Not only was I an only child, I was an only child to a single mother… It was just us, my whole life. I never had to share things, I didn’t have to share attention, and I was good with that. If you ask my husband, he will tell you it was clear I was an only child… I personally don’t think I am that bad, though. I mean, lets be honest, if I am a brat now, then… well… It’s his fault, right?

I did really enjoy being an only child. I really never felt like I was missing anything, I didn’t feel like I needed siblings, because I had cousins and neighborhood friends.

After I had my oldest son, I didn’t want any more kids, and people would always ask; “doesn’t he need a friend?” or “when will you have another one for him?”  I just kinda shrugged it off because, I would think to myself ‘well, I was an only child and I was happy with my childhood’. I had no intentions of having more.

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Then I met my now husband… and I knew I wanted a child with him. Now, years later, we are a family of five!! Honestly, it was a little unexpected, however, I love every moment of it! I secretly love the chaos of it all. I love how  there are always giggles, there is always someone to play with… Don’t get me wrong, as the parent, it can be very exhausting some days… okay, most days, I won’t lie. But, I still wouldn’t change any of it now. I love there is a full table at dinner, there are more hugs and kisses, and “I love yous” at bedtime. I love the thought of one day having a full house of kids and grand-kids running around on Christmas Day!

While I never felt like I was missing anything, I am so grateful that I went from that only child to a mom surrounded by this big family full of love.

It truly is a dream come true that I never knew I needed.


Seeing my children form a bond I genuinely can’t comprehend, because I was an only child, is honestly just beautiful to watch. Of course they fight and bicker 80% of the time, but the way they love each other, and have each others backs. The way they worry if one is upset or hurt. The way they get mad at us if one of the other ones gets into trouble.. It’s something so special that I never had…and I love that I get to see it now.


While having a large family isn’t always easy, it is always full of love. That is something that I will never take for granted. This only child loves every moment of the pure chaos!


With love and coffee,
Simply, Becca Ann



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