Last year, my family and I made a big change in going fully organic. I had read/watched one too many documentaries about the things in our food, and they say:

“Once you know better, you do better”

Well, now I knew better, so I just couldn’t just give my kids all that “crap” anymore. It would weigh on me every time I handed them an Oreo. So, we made a big change.

However, well before the holidays, we stopped. We went back to eating bad; I told myself it was okay. It was cheaper, and it was to enjoy all the holiday baking…and boy did I bake away…

Lately, I was seeing a big difference in my kids. The toddlers starting sleeping less… like wayyy less. Their attitudes changed. They were more grumpy, more whiny… They where just A LOT. Nothing in their lives had changed recently, so I had to take a good look at the problem. I realized that the amount of sugar they where consuming was ridiculous. Honestly, it’s pretty embarrassing the amount of sugar I allowed them to have, only because it was “easier” they “enjoyed it”

I could go on and on about the effects of sugar on the body, or the withdrawal effects.
(that’s a whole rant in itself)
Let’s just say it is horrible for you, the “stuff” they put in our food is HORRIBLE for you.

Long story short, we decided to go back to clean eating. The kids still get their snacks, cookies and juice. Only it’s clean of all the “bad stuff.” It’s clean of processed sugars.

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Let me tell you… it’s made a HUGE difference in my kids’ behavior. If you think “organic” or non GMO, or any other label in that manner is “just a fad”, I am here to tell you, It most certainly is NOT!
Google some of the ingredients in your favorite foods. It truly effects everything, from our sleep habits, to our health, and even our hormones, and many other things.

Making a change is always hard. However, I promise this is a big one worth considering. If you’re like me, you’re probably  worried about the cost, and the push back from your kids.
There are a ton of ways to be cost effective. I am a HUGE lover of Trader Joes. Their price point is amazing, and they have their own standards,as to what they will even put on the shelf,  so even if you’re not going to a straight organic diet right away, you’re still cutting out the “bad things” in your daily food. Sprouts is another great option. (If you have one in your area.) Whole Foods is another good option as well, but their price point can be a bit higher, though, from what I have seen.

As far as push back, I have to say I got lucky there. My kids actually do love fruit, so that was a good option to offer for snacks. If your kids are like mine, use that and run with it. If not, I suggest start slow. Change little things at a time. Make it fun, let them pick out their own “better choice” I have learned,  like many things with kids, if it’s their idea, it’s a good idea. Bright colors, fun shapes, things like that make it fun, too.
Find what works for you. Remember, you don’t have to always be perfect, you just do the best you can. We personally don’t stop going to places we enjoy eating, we just do it a little less, and make better choices when we do go!

I, of course, am no professional, and I definitely don’t have all the correct answers. This is just my experience, and what has worked for us.

If you have more ideas, I would love to hear them! Questions or suggestions,  lets connect on Instagram: Simply Becca Ann

Also, here are a couple links to some informational sites on what I was referring to;


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