“I’m not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom!  …..Just kidding, I’m a Tired Mom!”

I like Coffee, and long walks through Target!



You’ve heard of  “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving”

This Blog, is NOTHING like that….


This is a Blog about real life. Life at 30, married, kids, bills, and the everyday struggle to survive!

Before, we get into the beautiful chaos of this life, let me explain….

      I’m Becca!  30, married to a wonderful man.(most the time) and have three beautiful children. (Note: I said beautiful, I didn’t hit on their personalities we will get to that fun time later)  And, we live in Central Florida!!

There is no big city life, high heels, or fabulous dresses. But, there is third row cars, tennis shoes, diapers, lots of diapers, messes, and pure crazy most… well, okay ALL the time.

I decided to turn my stay at home mom life into something more…

You may not always find inspiration from this blog, but you’ll definitely see that you’re not alone!! You’ll find humor, and sometimes walk away thinking “I’m gonna pray extra hard for her tonight” because, I blogged about how my three year old threw a toy truck through a window! (Yes! That really happened Don’t worry there is more to come from my sour-patch kid!)

This blog is as much an outlet for me, as it is to let other moms know: You’re not in this alone!! I have no idea what I’m doing with this blog, or these kids but you’re welcome along for the ride!

If you’re a mom who’s got it all together, this isn’t a blog for you…. you won’t  like it.

I’ll probably accidentally offend you, and you just won’t get it. But, if you’re the mom who fed their child Cheetos for breakfast so they would stop yelling, just trying to survive motherhood, being a wife, and life in general……stay tuned there is plenty more coming!



With Love and Coffee,
   Becca Ann

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